Founded in 1995, pioneer of the digital inclusion movement in Latin America, CDI is one of the leading social enterprises in the world with a unique socio-educational approach.

Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen low-income communities by empowering people with information and communication technology.

We use technology as a medium to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and create a new generation of changemakers. Today, we are a network of 753 self-managed and self-sustaining CDI Community Centers throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay – monitored and coordinated by our 33 regional offices.

In addition to low-income communities, our schools are also present in indigenous communities, psychiatric clinics, hospitals for mentally and physically disabled, as well as youth & adult detention facilities.

CDI is an international NGO with 501c3 status, Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro CDI has operations in the USA, UK, and will begin operations in the Middle East shortly.