5 reasons we are different

  • scale — 1.25 million people in 14 years.
CDI has developed a pioneer model that has overcome what is known as the ‘classic pilot syndrome’, i.e. the difficulty of scaling up and replicating a project that is successful on a grassroots level to a global level. The structure of the CDI Network creates a positive ripple effect that leverages CDI’s impact transnationally, which means that supporting a school in Chile can affect other schools in places as far as the Amazon Forest.
  • methodology — graduating changemakers
CDI’s greatest strength is its educational methodology—a combination of civic and digital education that seeks to help people help themselves by empowering poor youth and adults to understand the challenges that face their communities and work together to solve them.
  • local ownership & content — flexible and relevant in any context
CDI believes that underprivileged communities themselves are better positioned than governments or companies to decide how to solve the problems that affect them locally. This is why the CDI model places a premium on shared responsibility and local ownership, entrusting community members to manage and coordinate their own schools.
  • credibility — more than 60 international awards
CDI’s work has been independently reviewed and recognized by companies, multilateral organizations, and news media around the world.
  • No handout approach — sustainable approach
At CDI we believe that handouts create dependency and fail to address the root of the problem. We seek to empower changemakers and enable poor youth and adults to become self-sufficient by fostering the concepts of exchange and collaboration—everyone pitching in to achieve a common goal.