In 1993, Rodrigo Baggio was an Internet entrepreneur with experience in the private sector working for Accenture and IBM. When he looked ten years ahead however, he saw himself richer but not more fulfilled. He was looking for something more noble, more impactful and more satisfactory. Then one day, the answer came to him.

Ever since his early teens Rodrigo had two passions – computers and volunteer work. Rodrigo had worked with street kids in Rio de Janeiro in many capacities and his father bought him one of the first computers in Brazil. The idea to combine these two passions came to Rodrigo in a dream. In this dream Rodrigo saw disadvantaged children and youth using technology to develop a critical understanding of their realities, and then finding solutions to the problems that they faced.

Rodrigo launched the first CDI Community Center in Santa Marta, one of the most dangerous favelas of Rio de Janeiro. With time came the evolution of the highly acclaimed CDI methodology. CDI has grown to become a network of 753 schools in 20 Brazilian States and 8 countries in Latin America. CDI seeks to continue to expand both within and outside Latin America in our quest to tackle the pressing problem of the digital divide.