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Partner for specific projects and programs; customized programs designed to meet your organization’s needs. We have strong partnerships both with charitable foundations, consulates, citizen sector organizations and private companies (marketing, corporate responsibility, core business, base of the pyramid).

  • Support or upgrade the work of specific CDI Community Centers so they can reach more students
  • Support or upgrade the support system of CDI Regional Offices so they can attend to more CDI Community Centers
  • Support CDI Headquarters innovate, create new content and track results so our impact is broader and deeper with each passing day.
  • Start a new initiative/joint venture.


  • pedagogy and social projects: Work with CDI Community Centers – mentor them, develop business plans and increase their impact
  • fundraising and development:
Help us with fundtaising, networking, prospecting, grantwriting, international expansion, CRM
  • strategy and innovation: Help us stay ahead of the curve by planning strategically and innovating constantly.
  • marketing and communications:
Help us tell our story better – media, website, social networks, campaigns, games, events, press releases
  • technology:
Help us with web-design and programming, hardware maintenance, market research, computer science expertise and more…
  • finances and human resources:
Audit our accounts and manage our resources, help us recruit new talent